Journey towards “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”

Hello, I am shimshim36 and this is my first blog in my life. In this blog I will be recording my pathway to becoming able to play “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” completely with piano in a short period of 2 months! Before you start reading my blog let me say one thing. In my life I never learnt any musical instruments, and even can’t read the musical notation at all. Well this will be a very hard challenge but I will work hard. Through the blog I will be writing my opinions what I felt, and advices from a perspective of a perfect beginner.


So first I want to talk about the background information on the piano piece Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. This piece was a theme song for a movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” directed by Nagisa Ohshima. The movie starts off with a dying American soldier, Jack Celliers coming to the Japanese prisoner’s camp. This man’s arrival gives a huge impact on the complex structure of the camp. He urges anger from the administration, since the Japanse side can’t understand why they surrendered. At that time in Japan you are told to commit suicide if you are getting captured. And caught between this friction is Officer John Lawrence, who is the only person that can speak both Japanese and English in the camp. In the movie he gradually develops this strange friendship with Gengo Hara, the guard of the camp. In addition, captain Yonoi who runs the camp begins to seek interest on Jack and …  This is far i will say, and please see the movie yourself in youtube or anything. But this movie makes you think about how you should live and how you think, so I recommend this movie for you guys.


Well this will be it for this first entry and in the next entry I will talk about how I am going to approach this piece. See you!


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