Analysis of page 1

This will be the second entry today, and this will be about the analysis of page 1. First this is the picture of how the points were distributed in page 1:screenshot-185

Personally I want to use pictures and explain each symbols, but because of copyright I can’t do that. So, please see the website ( and analyze it yourself. But I will list things (names) of symbols that you should know before starting practice of the first page:

–      Marks of flats

–      Type of notes, number of notes in one measures (Two numbers)

–      Speed: Lento- means slow tempo

–      Dynamics- pp(pianissimo) which means very soft

–      Marks of the accent (like a triangle hat) here you have to play little stronger


I think these are all the things you have to know to for starting practice. Other things I will be explaining as I go by. See you!



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