How will I be practicing…

Hello, in this entry I will be talking about how I am going to approach the practice. When I first thought about it I knew that I need a plan. But for making a plan you need a way to analyze the difficulty! So, from a beginner’s perspective I made up several rules to change the notation into points and count them up! Those are:

  1. Count up the number of notes (Simply counting number of dots)
  2. If there is a same pattern of the notes, -10 points
  3. If treble clef, 0 points   Bass clef- 10 points
  4. Speed (Lento: 0   Andante: 1    a Tempo: 2)
  5. Difference between the notes (For example, C to D is 2 points each)
  6. Number of flats(black keys) (1 point per one note of flat)
  7. # of chords (When you have to press two notes together) Double: 1 points, Triple: 2 points…

After summing up points for each pages (Overall 5 pages) and calculating the average, according to the difficulty I created a plan like

Dates Which part I should practice
2016/10/31~ 2016/11/6 Page1
2016/11/7~ 2016/11/13 Page2
2016/11/14~ 2016/11/20 Page3
2016/11/21~ 2016/11/27 Page3
2016/11/28~ 2016/12/4 Page4
2016/12/5~ 2016/12/11 Page4
2016/12/12~ 2016/12/18 Page4
2016/12/19~ 2016/12/25 Page5
2016/12/26~ 2016/12/31 Any page if there are parts I have to practice more.


This is an action plan for me to practice in 2 months. I have to say that I can’t post pictures of my musical notation on this blog because of copyright, so please buy one copy of the notation. You can buy it in the link:


This will be it for this entry and in the next entry I will be analyzing in detail the first page. See you!



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