Practice of page 1

This entry will be about the practice I did during this week. This page was quite easy compared to other pages according to my point system, and I agree that this page wasn’t too difficult.


First I marked every notes as C, D, E, F, G, A, B, with marking for which one is flat. I started practice on the right hand for first two lines. The basic shape is just playing keys it says in the notation, so after some practice I was able to master it. However, what you should be careful of would be the accent mark that is drawn above some notes. As I said in the last entry you should play these keys little stronger than other keys. I had a hard time remembering which keys has the accent on it, but after finding some pattern I was able to learn it.

Video for P1RH1&2 (Page 1, right hand, line 1&2):


Then I practiced the left hand. Compared to other pages, my friend who can play piano said that first page is easy, because you only have to play your left hand one, or sometimes two times per one measure. This means that simply number of left hands is less, which makes it easy. In addition, for the first two lines the difference between the notes weren’t so big, so the transition was quite easy.

Video for P1LH1&2:


Well after learning the first two lines, the right hand for the rest of it was not as challenging, except for the fact you have to play double notes in your right hand. However, the double notes are only between same notes on different octaves, so you have to only stretch your hand to reach the next octave.

Video for P1RH3&4&5:


For the left hand it was quite challenging especially in the transition between measure 1 and two in the fourth line. This is because you have to change from a chord to chord with both of them you have to play four keys at once. This makes the transition very difficult, so I recommend you to practice only left hand for that part, watching my video.

Video for P1LHALL:

Video for P1BHALL:


The basic shapes were the same throughout the first page in my opinion, but the last one measure consisted of a different shape. I can’t explain it in words, so please see the video and your musical notation and practice. It wasn’t that hard, but sometimes you will make mistakes on which keys to press for the left hand, so be careful.


This will be it for this entry, and please see my videos several times to see the details, or just get the overall flow of it! The next entry will be on the analysis of the second page. See you.



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