Practice of page 2

This entry will be about my practice of page 2 this week. According to my action plan I have two weeks of practice, so for this week I decided to only practice the first three lines of the page, which is half, and leave the rest for next week.


First I started with my right hand. For the right hand, I thought that the first measure was quite easy throughout the three lines, because it consisted of less chords compared to other measures. In addition, the basic shapes are same. But for the second and third measure it consisted of several chords and was quite challenging, so my advice would be to concentrate on these two measures for the practice. For the fourth measure, every time the shape is different, and there are chords where you need to press three keys at once, but the difference between the notes are not so big, so I didn’t find it very hard. However, the time you have to rest is different in the first and second line, so at first it may be good to count up the beats in your head or out loud.


Secondly I practiced the left hand, and I think the left hand was quite challenging compared to page 1, because it had combination of one fourth and whole note, so you have to keep playing the whole note while playing the one fourth note. This makes the use of fingers quite difficult. Thus, my video for only left hand absolutely ignores the tempo, and just plays the keys in order. But if you remember the order of keys and which keys to press on which part, you would be able to master it.


Combining the right and left hand was quite easy, because all of the keys in the left hand matches each of the keys on the right hand. For this page I felt that counting the beats in your head or out loud was quite effective during the practice, because the tempo changes from the first page and the number of notes in one measure is mostly constant.

Video for P2BH1&2&3:


Well this will be it for this entry and next entry will be about the practice I did for the rest of page 2. See you!


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