Practice of page 2(2)

This entry will be about the practice I did continuing from last week. Personally the last three lines, especially the last two lines were quite challenging.


First as usual I started with the right hand. The fourth line was quite easy because the basic shape for both hands were similar to the first three lines. But for some people the little difference may be more challenging, so please be careful and remember them.

But what I had difficulty the most was the fifth and sixth line, because first there are many chords from measure 1, which makes the movement of the hand very complex. But on the other hand the fourth measure for the second last line is same as the line 1, and for the last line the shape changes, but there are no chords so it is easy.


Next I practiced the left hand. What changed the most is that for each measure there are four one-fourth notes, which changes the tempo. I think that this part was the most challenging part of page 2, and I advise you guys to practice hard on this part by just playing left hand before combining it with your right hand.


Finally, for combining right hand and the left hand again the last two lines were hard because the tempo is different, but after some practice and remember when to play the left hand with the right hand.

Video for P2BH4&5&6:

Video for P2BHALL:


This will be it for this entry, and I think I am doing well following the action plan and I can feel that my musical skill is improving a lot. Please watch the video, and see you!


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