Practice of page 3

This entry will be on the first week of practice for page 3. Personally, I kind of felt that this page may be the most challenging among the pages, even though this opposes the results of my point system. So, compared to other pages I took more videos so that you guys can practice easier and can understand the piece more.


First I decided to practice the first two lines, because they had a different shape compared to the rest of the page, which was similar to the basic shape in page 2. If you marked all the notes you would have noticed, but for these part you have to press the left hand keys in between two right hand keys, which makes the tempo unique and challenging. In addition, there are lots of ties so you have to be careful of the duration of each notes and also the transition, how you use the fingers.

Video for P3RH1&2:


It took quite a long time to master the right hand, but I was able to practice left hand too. As I said, since you have to play a key between two keys for your left hand, it is not easy to just practice with only your left hand, so it would be easier to practice it together, slowly at first. But somehow I managed to record only left hand which will be in the video below:

Video for P3LH1&2:

Video for P3BH1&2:


This will be it for this entry, and it is kind of short but please forgive me, because this part was really challenging and I even asked my mum and friends to help me a little. See you!



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