Practice of page 3 (2)

This entry will be about the practice I did for this week, which is the second week for the practice of page 3. According to the action plan I should have finished the practice in this week, but to go straight to the bottom line I couldn’t finish it, because I had to practice the new part and also practice the first two lines at the same time, to not forget.


Well but I was able to start practice on lines 3&4&5&6. Again the basic shape is the same as the second page, but there are many chords to the right hand. In the last line the keys you have to play is quite different, so it was hard to remember. Also be careful not to make mistake on flats and neutral symbols. But what challenged me the most was crescendo mark and piano. As I said in the 5th line you have to play a gradual upraise in the dynamics. This was hard because it is gradual, and had a hard time when to change the dynamic a little. In addition, the next line is piano, which means you have to play soft after you played strongly, and sometimes you forget these things. For solving this issue, I played the 3rd and 4th line little softer, too make the high dynamics stand out. Then for the last line I tried to think as going back to the dynamics of the 3rd and 2nd line, and only for the last measure, which is poco rit., I tried to do it very slow as if this part is the end of the piece.

Video for P3RH3&4&5&6:


Then I practiced the left hand. The left hand was not hard as the right hand, because there are four fourth notes in one measure, which makes it easier to practice. What you should be careful would be would be the little difference in the last line, but if you remember that part you will be able to do it.

Video for P3LH3&4&5&6:


For combining the right and left hand, it was doing the same thing as the second page, so it didn’t take a long time to do it.  But the last two measures were different and I had to remember when to play the left hand with the right hand carefully.

Video for P3BH3&4&5&6: (Sorry that the video is upside down)


This will be it for this entry, but again I couldn’t master page 3, so I would be continuing my practice next week too, even though it is against the action plan. See you!



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