Practice of page 4

This entry will be about the practice of page 4. Compared to the look of it (There are so many notes drawn), it is just a problem of playing the same notes again and again.


First, I stared practice for the right hand. First I tried to remember the right hand, which for the first two lines,         is the consecutive notes in one measure. It was challenging to play the frequent notes, so first I just tried to remember the notes by just playing the first notes in the measure, counting the beats. When there is a change inside the measure, you would have to play that key once, counting the beats. After you remember the notes, you just have to play the same notes again and again.

Video for P4RH1&2:


Then I practiced the left hand for line 1 and 2. Again, all the notes are double chords, and you just have to play it eight times per one measure, so it isn’t so hard.

Video for P4LH1&2:

I moved to the practice for line 3&4&5&6, which seemed quite challenging. Again the basic shape was the same as pages before, but there many chords. First I drew a line between the right hand key and left hand key, so that I can know when to play the left hand with the right hand in the line 4.

Then I started practice on the right hand. Because for lines 3,4,5, and 6 it is forte, which means to play hard, I had to be careful to play it energetic and strong. For the practice, at first I played it very slowly, and tried to remember the notes. Then I practiced it little faster. The part I found most challenging is the third measure in the last line, because of the transition between F to chords (B,D and F), because the speed is quite fast.

Video for P4RH3&4&5&:


This will be it for this entry, and for the left hand I didn’t have enough times to practice, so I will continue practicing next week too. See you!



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