Practice of page 4 (2)

Hello this entry will be on the practice of page 4, continuing from last week.


Since I couldn’t practice the left hand last week, first this week I started practice on the left hand. The most challenging part was the first measure in line 3, because it is the only part where it is not a sets consecutive notes. Also the range you have to move your fingers are quite big. Also this part was hard when combining it with the right hand. But on the other hand for the rest, it wasn’t too challenging, because the tempo is very similar to the first two lines.


After practicing the left hand, I combined the right and left hand together. It wasn’t a hard thing to do, because mostly for one key of right hand there are also corresponding one key on the left hand. But as I said the first measure in line 3 was quite difficult because the left hand was a new shape.

Video for P4BH3&4&5&6:


This will be it for this entry, and personally for the last two weeks I practiced more than normal since I had time, so for you guys it may be better to take one more week to practice page 4 to master it. Next entry will be the analysis of page 5, See you!



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