Practice of page 5

Hello this entry will be about the practice I did in this week for page 5.

First, the first two lines are the continued sets of basic shapes from the fourth page. I started practice on the right hand. The right hand was not too hard, because I mastered the basic shape of the melody completely. But similar to page 3, in the second line I had to play it expressively, so I had to be aware of that, even though in the video I forgot to do so.

For the left hand it was quite challenging, because the shape was quite different from the last page, and the range of notes was big. But the notes itself is simple, so if you don’t make mistakes on which notes to play, after some practice it should be fine.

Video for P5BH1&2:

This will be it for this entry, but as you guys may realize I haven’t done the last two lines. I was thinking about this before, but I thought that the last line would sound strange without the pedal, so for half of this week I was practicing the pedal. It may depend on people, but personally I didn’t have a hard time pressing the pedal for each measure. Also, in my own opinion I feel that it doesn’t need to be so accurate, and when you feel the sounds are mixed too much, just press the pedal one more time.

This will be it for this entry, and I will definitely finish the piece next week, so please allow me to practice one more week. See you!



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