Practice of page 5 (2)

Hello, this entry will be on the practice of the last two lines of the page 5. As I said, I practiced the pedal first, so in this video I am playing the pedal.

As always I started practice on the right hand at first. The right hand included the grace notes, so it was quite hard to play it. However, I had a whole week to practice, and when I thought of it as a one note I was able to master it. The range of notes differences are big, so again you would have to be careful not to slip your fingers and play a different key.

Then I practiced the left hand. But it is just playing the two notes finitely, so it is just a matter of practice, to train the hand to not get tired. For the rest, I think that watching my video is the closest thing to mastering it, so

Video for P5BH3&4:

Next, this video shows all of the piece with the pedal, and even though it is not perfect I feel satisfied, and I am very glad that I was able to complete this project.

Video for ALL:

This will be it for this entry, and I will be doing a reflection in the next entry, so see you!



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