Final relfection

Hello, this entry will be the reflection of what I have done in this blog. First I will write my personal opinions on what I felt during the practice, and then I will comment on if my method of analysis was effective for mastering this piece or not.

Personally I enjoyed this project, because I was always thinking that being able to play an instrument was very cool. Also. I think that from this experience I was able to improve my other skills, such as doing something constantly in long term, which may become very useful in the future.

Now I will talk about if the analysis of the piece was effective or not. First the picture below shows how much time I used for each pages, compared to the plan I created before starting my practice.

Dates Which part I should practice How much I practiced
2016/10/31~ 2016/11/6 Page1 Page1
2016/11/7~ 2016/11/13 Page2 Page2
2016/11/14~ 2016/11/20 Page3 Page2
2016/11/21~ 2016/11/27 Page3 Page3
2016/11/28~ 2016/12/4 Page4 Page3
2016/12/5~ 2016/12/11 Page4 Page3&4
2016/12/12~ 2016/12/18 Page4 Page4
2016/12/19~ 2016/12/25 Page5 Page4&5
2016/12/26~ 2016/12/31 Any page if there are parts I have to practice more. Page5

As you guys can see from the table, compared to the plan I made page 2 and 3, especially page 3, took much more time than I expected. This was because for the first two lines, the tempo was very difficult, since it was different from other parts. But basically, I was able to complete the piece in almost two months following this analysis method, so I personally think that this method is quite effective. In addition, my rules are very easy to use for beginners, because you don’t need to know how to read the traditional notation and you can use it for other pieces too.

But of course, there are many other symbols in traditional notation, and are used in other music pieces. So, for some pieces you may want to create few more rules to analyze the piece more thoroughly.

Well this will be it for this entry, and this is also the last entry of this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, and I look forward that you guys try my method to practice.



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